The Brands We Sell: Bogoff

In the late 1920s, Henry Bogoff and his wife Yvette moved from New York to Chicago, where they founded Spear Novelty Co. This was a company that made fancy buttons, belt buckles, and similar trims for ready-to-wear dresses. Around 1940, they went into the costume jewelry market as Jewels by Bogoff. Henry did the designs and supervised production, while Yvette handled sales – one of the first women to head a major sales organization! Bogoff quickly became known for its high-quality designs and manufacturing standards. They advertised in the leading fashion magazines and retailed through major department stores, and at one time were the third largest costume jewelry manufacturer in the U.S., behind Trifari and Coro.

In 1958, however, Henry passed away. Yvette tried to keep the business going, but without Henry’s design expertise, and faced with changing consumer tastes, the company closed in the early 1960s.

Source: Estates In Time

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