Now Shipping to Canada! January 25, 2016 17:18

Our Canadian customers can now buy from us! We've added First Class International Parcel service rates to our shipping menu. And yes, they're higher than the ones you've been paying. Sorry about that - our postal service has decided to jack up the cost of a package again.

We'll be adding other countries as time goes on. Meanwhile, if you're outside the US and not in Canada, send us a message - it's nothing we can't work around.

And Here We Are August 01, 2015 10:33

Remember when shopping online was fun? When you never knew what kinds of cool stuff you might stumble across - the same feeling you get from discovering the perfect item in a small-town antique shop or a little boutique?

We want to bring a little of that excitement back. We're pickers, on a small scale. We get a kick out of going around to yard sales and estate sales and finding cool stuff, and then passing that thrill on to you.