Deft Driving Vintage 1955 Ford Motor Company Safety Pamphlet

$ 10.00

Ford put out these driver safety booklets in the early 1950s - our 1955 copy is the third edition. It's 48 pages of advice, mostly aimed at new drivers, on what to do (and not to do) behind the wheel, with little quizzes to test your deft-driving knowledge. Much of it seems quaint today (imagine an era without drivers texting or yakking on their cell phones!) but there's a lot that hasn't changed much either.

Our booklet measures 6 x 8 inches, softcover, staple bound. We don't see any rust on the staples. The cover is lightly soiled, with a stain on the back, dog eared at the upper corner and the corners rounded. No tears, writing, interior stains or musty odors.

Great for an auto-memorabilia collector, a display on 1950s car culture, or as a fun gift.

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