Domed Statement Rhinestone Bracelet Stunning Vintage Glamor

$ 50.00

Fabulous rhinestone bracelet starts with three rows of clear rhinestones... which split apart to make a domed oval center with two rows of clear stones on each side, and an open band of larger aurora borealis sones that flash shades of blue and purple. This center band is domed, rising nearly a half inch above the base! Bracelet length is 7 inches; it fits snugly on an average wrist but that's okay - this is one bracelet you don't want flopping around! A push-in clasp ornamented with a rhinestone and a safety chain help keep it on securely (press down on the rhinestone to open). The 3-stone band is about 1/2 inch wide and the center is 1-1/2 inch. Distinctive style and quality construction say it's a high-end piece even without a designer signature. This gorgeous bracelet deserves a place in your vintage costume jewelry collection... or on your wrist when you want to be really dazzling!

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