Norman Rockwell Knowles Plate 'Pondering on the Porch'

$ 10.00

"Pondering On the Porch" No. 3 in Rockwell's Rediscovered Women series, this plate originally issued in 1983. Edition limited to a maximum of 100 firing days; this plate bears number 18116O.  Previously owned but in mint condition, still in original box and has certificate of authenticity.

When Rockwell painted this in 1923, attitudes about courtship and marriage were changing fast.  This young lady's boyfriend is courting her in the latest style, with chocolates and a banjo serenade, on the porch and not in the front parlor under her parents' watchful eyes.  The viewer is left to wonder whether, as she nibbles her chocolates, she wonders if he's changing too fast for her to keep up?

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