Scitarelli Pendant / Brooch Necklace Green & Clear Rhinestones - Flotsam from Michigan - 1
Scitarelli Pendant / Brooch Necklace Closeup - Flotsam from Michigan - 2
Scitarelli Pendant / Brooch Necklace Back Whole - Flotsam from Michigan - 3
Scitarelli Pendant / Brooch Necklace Back Closeup - Flotsam from Michigan - 4
Scitarelli Pendant / Brooch Necklace Signature - Flotsam from Michigan - 5
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Beautiful pendant/pin necklace by Scitarelli - this is a jewelry line by M. & S. Mfg. Co. of Providence, RI.  Three rectangular deep green rhinestones alternate with small round clear rhinestones.  A spray of four green marquise rhinestone "leaves" branches off of one side, while on the other is a loop of polished goldtone "ribbon."  Finally, two more rectangular green stones swing freely on short lengths of clear rhinestone chain.  Style is typical of costume jewelry circa 1950.  Pendant proper measures approximately 1-1/2 x 2-1/8 inches; in addition to a bail for a chain, it also has a pinback so you can slip it off the chain and wear it as a brooch if you prefer.  Chain is approximately 17-1/2 inches long, for a total necklace length of about 10-3/4 inches; it's one we added to give you more options in wearing this beauty.  In very good vintage condition: it does have some surface wear as you would expect on a piece of 60-year-old jewelry.  Some of the clear rhinestones are darkening a bit, but they still have plenty of sparkle left.  The green stones are in open-backed settings, again common for the period, and there has been some minor damage to the foiling. It's still a beautiful piece and a lovely addition to your vintage jewelry collection or your special-occasion look!

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