Sterling Silver Tiger’s Eye Sunflower Ring Size 7 Mexico Pre-Eagle

$ 25.00

Beautiful and unique silver ring has an oval cabochon tiger's-eye stone in the center, set in a deep bezel and surrounded by circular "petals" of bright rings over an oxidized background that make it resemble a sunflower. Ring face measures approximately 7/8 x 1 inch, so it really makes a statement on your hand. The ring size measures approximately 7 - the band is not perfectly round, being more of an egg shape. This might be due to it being handmade, or it might be partly due to prolonged wear - our experience is that sterling rings that are worn a lot do tend to shape themselves to the finger over time. Mark is simply "Sterling Mexico" indicating it was made before 1948 when the "eagle" marking system went into effect; the artisan who crafted this beauty didn't sign it. As for condition, it's an older piece and there is surface wear to the band. The back of the ring shows scratches and a discolored spot that might be from testing acids - we haven't done any testing and have no reason to doubt the marks on something this obviously old. It's still a beautiful, wearable ring and a lovely piece for any fan of Mexican sterling jewelry!

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