Trifari 'Honeycomb' Silvertone Tailored Necklace Vintage 1948 Ad Piece

$ 50.00

From the late 1940s comes a Trifari necklace with modern sophistication. "Honeycomb" is a smooth band of polished silvertone hexagons for a tiled effect. This necklace measures approximately 1/2 inch wide and 15 inches long; as with many older necklaces, it was designed to fit snugly and meant for slender necks. Foldover clasp is signed "Trifari Des. Pat. Pend.," and Design Patent No. 143349 from 1945 corresponds to this design. The necklace itself appears in a 1948 ad for the "Honeycomb Collection." It's in excellent condition for its age; any wear is extremely minor and confined to the back. A wonderful piece for the Trifari collector or for anyone who appreciates truly timeless style!

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